Cutting edge Treatment Techniques

As well as being Director of The Physio Studio, Mike’s passion to be at the forefront of physiotherapy practice led him to develop the Kinnective technique with two colleagues.

Kinnective is a treatment technique which uses a stainless steel instrument to release fascia and soft tissue. Kinnective have used their extensive skills and knowledge of current research into soft tissue treatment to refine the use of this treatment technique and teach it to other Physiotherapists around the UK.

Mike and his colleagues can be totally ‘in-tune’ with the instrument they use to treat you as they also designed and manufactured their instrument themselves! If appropriate, they use this instrument day in day out as part of your treatment sessions.

Everyone that comes to the Physio Studio can experience the benefits of working with this tool as all our practitioners are trained in its use.

Whether you have scar tissue, strains or sprains, chronic back ache or other type of aches and pains the instrument and Kinnective’s way of applying the technique achieves amazing results.

Using instruments to release soft tissues is certainly not a new idea as they have been used for centuries throughout the world. There are writings indicating Egyptians used objects to manipulate the body as far back as 3000BC.

How it works

The Kinnective Treatment Instrument simply acts as an extension to our own hands. The tool is guided over the target tissues with the different specifically designed angles and edges in contact rather than our own fingers and thumbs. The instrument also becomes a diagnostic tool as it acts to “magnify” what is felt in the tissue just as a stethoscope amplifies chest breath sounds.

To imagine how the Kinnective works, you could think of a stone hitting a pond’s surface. When the stone hits the surface of the pond, it send ripples and waves out from there. The Kinnective tool is similar in that although working on soft tissues at the skin surface of your skin, it brilliantly causes a ripple effect or transmits the effect of the change through to deeper lying tissues. These are the areas that a physiotherapists hands alone would not be able to reach.

It is a truly innovative technique and has long lasting benefits.