Trigger Point Release

When you talk about a ‘knot’ you are talking about a ‘Myofascial Trigger Point’. There are no actual knots involved: in reality, it is just a small patch of tightly contracted muscle, an isolated spasm affecting a patch of muscle tissue.

This spasm/contraction usually causes the Trigger Point to cut off it’s own blood supply. A knot or Trigger Point is a patch of polluted tissue, a pool of metabolic waste products. Thus, the reduced blood supply to the area causes further irritation as there is no flow to take away the waste metabolites.

Trigger points can cause spectacular amounts of discomfort and it has been increasingly acknowledged by therapists that most of our daily aches and pains are actually caused by them… but their bark is much worse than their bite!

With a Therapist’s expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology they can easily be released using a number of different techniques. These vary from techniques like press and hold, dry needling and massage with movement.

(Ref – C and A Davies, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook)