About Massage Therapy

Do you suffer from:

  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Postural problems
  • Sore muscles

If you do, you could benefit from regular deep tissue massage therapy. Massage can be very helpful for new mothers in helping the body recover from the strains of childbirth. Massage has a valuable role to play in helping the body recover from injury. It helps stimulate the self-repair process and circulation to facilitate the delivery of vital nutrients and removal of waste products. It can also help identify muscle imbalances that could lead to future problems. A combination of assessment, massage, stretching, compression, frictions and trigger point techniques are used.

Sports Massage

Sports massage benefits injured athletes by helping to speed healing and reduce downtime. It is also be used on healthy athletes after a vigorous workout to promote recovery and reduce the tension created by tight muscles.

The increase in circulation, reduction in scar tissue and lesions, and relaxing of the muscles all help speed healing and improve recovery. Another benefit of quality massage is the prevention of injuries. The muscles become more supple and resilient with massage.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage helps to relieve muscle spasms caused by stress, postural problems and/or exercise. It can be therapeutic or corrective.

This form of massage focuses on a specific area of the body. It uses various techniques, similar to those used in a Swedish body massage but with slower strokes and deeper pressure.

This type of massage has many benefits:

  • Releases muscle tension and pain
  • Loosens muscle fibres
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Encourages relaxation