1:1 Equipment Pilates

We have a beautiful Pilates Equipment Suite for 1:1 or small private group sessions.
It is fitted with the latest equipment and includes a Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and Combo chair alongside other small equipment.

Fully Certified Instructors

Our physiotherapists are very experienced and fully certified in all aspects of the equipment and have either Polestar or APPI training.

We use the APPI and Polestar Pilates methods as they specifically focus on the particular needs of patients with physical dysfunction or the challenges of the post injury, post operative phase of rehabilitation.

How does it work?

Our Pilates equipment uses a system of springs to give a resistance that provides vital feedback to help you correct your movement patterns. This improves the way your body experiences and creates movement.

Pilates equipment is a low impact form of exercise which can be tailored by your physiotherapist to build core strength to protect your back or injury site by training the body to move with freedom in a safer way. At The Physio Studio our physiotherapists have the best insight into your body. They are perfectly placed to understand how to use the equipment and get the most out of it and you.

Could it help me?

Pilates Studio Equipment is particularly useful for the post injury phase of rehabilitation because when we have had pain or physical dysfunction, our bodies can get into the habit of protecting the painful area and changing the way we move over time increasing the possibility of further injury. We can lose confidence to move fully and freely.

The equipment is also beneficial for those who simply want some general re-conditioning, toning and building whole body strength and resilience to injury. The methods used to achieve this also promote better breathing strategies and a feeling of well being. It is also a good foundation when aiming for higher intensity training programmes for recreational or completive sports.

Find out more

Please speak to out team to find out if this form of exercise would suit you.