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This latest testimonial talks about the benefits of the ‘Muscle activations’ Rebecca Colledge and other physiotherapists in the practice use often in their treatments.

Rebecca also uses a specific progressive abdominal exercise programme, that aims to restore muscle function and tone, for Diastasis of Recti (separation of the recti abdominal muscles) usually associated with post natal women. A combination of these exercises together with the activations worked really well for a gentleman with this type of abdominal weakness:

“Years of ‘incorrect’ exercise appeared to have created a situation where I exhibited the symptoms of a mother post pregnancy with divarication (or tummy muscle separation in the middle. Fortunately during Pilates sessions my doming stomach was identified by Rebecca and my introduction to muscle activation began.

The exercises focussed on my diaphragm, hip flexors and glutes; and involved massaging 6 areas: Base of skull, jawbone, breastbone, lower rib cage and to the side of the belly button and inner thighs.

30 second massages twice a day over a period of 3 months combined with a specific programme of staged abdominal exercises resulted in the closure of the ‘gap’ (rectus diastasis) and the activations have enhanced my overall core and leg strength and rebalanced the use of my muscles, from upper body to lower body. Whilst the massaging is not time consuming, as with any improvement program it is necessary to sustain the activity – seeing Rebecca on a fairly frequent basis (at least once a week at Pilates) and follow up Physio sessions at 4-6 week intervals kept me on track.

I did have to accept that lifting heavy weights and exercises that focussed undue stress on the abdominals would have to take a back seat this was more than compensated with the improvement in posture and enhanced leg power. A mile walk to and from the gym plus verti-climber, resistance cycling, cross trainers and lightweights paralleled the muscle activation. What used to be an upper body verti-climber activity became leg power driven and I beat my best cycling time shortly after starting the muscle activation.

What astounded me was the increased strength demonstrated by resistance testing that Rebecca carried out. My strength was no longer coming mainly from my upper body but more from my core and glutes. The cream on the cake was a selfie that at 62 years old appeared to show I had 4 of 6 abs defined ;)”.

David P

Other Testimonials
"The Physio Studio offers a great experience in treating sports and dance injuries plus post-operative physiotherapy and much much more. The Physio staff are highly trained, motivated and very capable. They ensure that you see the right person for the injury in question They are incredibly approachable and also make themselves available to answer questions or any queries by email if phone or personal contact is not possible The Reception staff are incredibly welcoming, friendly and efficient Their service also provides handy text reminders of upcoming appointments Finally, The Physio Studio is very flexible and versatile as it offers a great range of Pilates Classes and also runs _adhoc_ Health, Nutrition and Fitness Sessions which are very useful and appreciated by those who use them. I am writing this testimonial as a very satisfied customer having been nurtured to full recovery by Eli after two full knee replacements" *" Annie Banks
"I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday and to let you know that R left the studio feeling very positive and bubbly! I was particularly impressed with your multiple-disciplinary approach and feel sure that you have helped her on a number of levels."" AT, writing about her 13 year old dance-student daughter's treatment
"Rebecca, I just wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave me in enabling me to walk pain free on the Tongoriro Transalpine Crossing last December in New Zealand. This has been an ambition for my husband and me for several years and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to manage it. Despite bad weather conditions we did it in a good time. I just needed help to be able to step up and down on big boulders!! Your muscle activation exercises were easy to do and have made such a difference and my weekly walks are pain free and a doddle to do. Thank you so much for your help. It is so greatly appreciated." Val Grimwade
"When I started seeing you in January, I was injured and my calf muscles had pretty much seized up with years of abuse and subsequent scar tissue. However, with the needle treatment, I can honestly say my calf muscles are now the best they have felt in years and in fact at the end of the marathon they were literally the only muscles not aching!! Since January I have now set new PB's at 800m, 3000m, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.... Not bad considering on January 2nd I was having difficulty walking! Thank you again and see you soon for a maintenance session." BW of Reading
"Mike, I saw you last, a couple of weeks before the Brighton Marathon on the 10th April. I am pleased to say, that although I slowed up big time in the last few miles, I still posted a new PB of 3hrs 46mins...! I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for getting my calf muscles fixed over the last few months."
"Thank you very much for all your patience and good advice! I really appreciate how you have helped me with my knees, you've got me running again at long last!" C
"The Physio Studio are brilliant, everybody is professional and they have been very good overall in treating me. All receptionists are lovely, friendly and helpful. Thank you!"
"I would like to thank The Physio Studio for their help and expertise in diagnosing my mystery hip injury, relieving the pain and subsequently getting me back running in time for my marathon. They are very knowledgeable, able to explain what caused the injury and what I could do in future to prevent it from recurring. Throughout the treatment I felt in very good hands as I trusted them and was confident in the treatments they recommended. I really cannot thank them enough!"" Sara Notfors
"I am generally a fit and active person. I ski (when it's snowy obviously!) I run, I trampoline, I go to the gym and I do exercise classes. I have 3 children and a new puppy. In March 2014, I had an accident and damaged my ankle which completely took me out. It is the worst injury I have ever encountered in terms of its longevity and impact on my life. After 6 weeks, it clearly wasn't healing and I was in a lot of pain, so I came to Eli. Without her treatment and identification of an unusual healing obstruction I wouldn't have been able to have my ankle treated by the correct people, in a timely fashion and get back on my feet....literally! I was out for 17 weeks but without Eli this situation would have been so much worse. I'm back running, back at the gym, back at my classes, back trampolining and looking forward to this year's ski season. Thank you Eli. I absolutely couldn't have done it without you." Kirstine Berry
"I would just like to say a massive thank you for the fantastic treatment I have received over the past few months. I found your explanation of my injury and course of treatment very reassuring and I always felt in very safe hands. I've not had so much as a twinge in my neck since my last visit and my only regret is not coming to see you sooner." Jon Sugden
"After a mis-spent youth resulting in more than 20 broken bones, I was unable to manage many of the most basic movements. After a few sessions with The Physio Studio, I was able to bend and touch my toes again for the first time in over a decade and strong painkillers are fast becoming a distant memory." James D. Stallard
"I have been a patient of the PhysioStudio since it opened. Always had excellent treatment from originally Kathryn and now Mike. Would not go anywhere else for treatment and would, and have, recommend." LH
"In November 2010, after years of arthritis and knee locking, I had my right knee replaced. I have been going to The Physio Studio for a while now and have complete mobility – I am back at the gym 5 days a week (walking lunges, squats, cardio, etc), gardening and will be playing Tennis in the spring.""