Welcome to The Physio Studio

The Physio Studio is a true family run practice and has been established in Binfield since 2002. Our physiotherapists have an average of 20 years experience across a range of speciality areas with our skills being recognised at a national and international level.

From your first warm welcome at reception and throughout all your treatment episodes you can feel reassured that we have the expertise to help you. Our experience has taught us that understanding the root of the problem and not just fixing the symptoms is key to achieving long term benefits.

To do this, we show you how to be in control of your own recovery in combination with our own ‘toolkit’ of advanced hands-on skills and cutting edge treatment techniques or with the support of our Pilates or massage experts. We believe that this teamwork ethos, alongside our excellent studio facilities is why ‘word of mouth’ recommendations continue to be our greatest source of referral.

The Studio

Monday – Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday – 8am – 4pm

We are only 5 minutes away from Waitrose, Bracknell.
Postcode: RG42 4AN

We are based in Binfield, conveniently located between Bracknell and Wokingham, in a beautiful listed building.

We are proud to offer you a spacious and relaxing environment for your treatment, with plenty of parking spaces on site.

We have 3 spacious treatment rooms. This is one of them.

We also have our very own gym, which is fully equipped with all the latest rehabilitation equipment and is where we hold our Pilates Classes.

Please see our Mat work and Equipment Pilates pages for more details.

Professional registration

At The Physio Studio we are all fully registered with our professional body the HCPC and the CSP.

Click on the HCPC image to find our registered Physiotherapists.

Book your Runners' Screening Assessment now!

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Treatment Focus

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging


Alongside his 25 years specialist training and experience, Physiotherapist Keith Littlebury is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging and is getting great results with his patients whilst training.

This cutting edge diagnostic tool is now available to all suitable patients as part of his training period to build practice hours. If you think you may benefit from this tool, Keith is offering a free diagnostic scan as part of your initial assessment with him for upper or lower limb conditions (excluding spine & hips). A standard full hour assessment will include the added benefit of a free scan using this enhanced diagnostic tool together with Keith’s advanced assessment skills.

What is Diagnostic Ultrasound?

See link here

“Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body. It is used to help diagnose sprains, strains, tears and other soft tissue conditions. Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation. It helps us see what our eye’s and hands cannot see under the skin” (www.radiology info.org).

Pilates classes

We can help you start the New Year with a plan to move well and feel better. Our pilates classes are very popular as we have a bright and relaxing pilates studio with highly qualified physiotherapists teaching all our classes. We keep our routines fresh and challenging using interesting small equipment.

Our physiotherapy skills and small class size ensures we move everyone the right pace for your body, so you get the most out of every class.

Why not call or click here to send an email to ask our reception team to secure your place now.

Practice Focus on Running

Good Luck for those racing in Sunday’s

We will be at the race cheering everyone on. Please pop in for general advice or watch and ‘like’ the video we have prepared for you to complement your massage ball advice leaflet, provided in your goodie bags!

Click the picture above to watch our video

Click here to read the leaflet on-line here

Kinnective Soft Tissue Treatment

This advanced and innovative technique is used by all our staff at The Physio Studio.

We use the KINNECTIVE instrument for soft tissue treatment to get amazing results for our patients.

What is the Kinnective technique?

It is a technique that uses a stainless steel instrument to treat soft tissue adhesions or injuries.

Who can benefit from Kinnective therapy?

If appropriate, we use this instrument day in day out as part of your treatment sessions for:

  • Anyone with scar tissue or soft tissue trauma following surgery.
  • Anyone with sports related injuries or sprains.
  • Anyone with any type of chronic muscle tightness, pain or stiffness.

Our web page under the tab ‘what we treat’ explains much more about how it works.

How to use your massage ball

This video will show you how to use your massage ball